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Interview with The Greening's Will Loving: Guitar Rocker & ESL Teacher

Interview with The Greening's Will Loving: Guitar Rocker & ESL TeacherI talked with Will Loving, a fellow ESL teacher and singer/songwriter/guitar player for the up-and-coming San Francisco-based band, The Greening. We chatted about his band's latest album, his plans for an upcoming summer tour, as well as how he balances his music career with his teaching job. 

From Elvis to Radiohead: The Music Industry Gets Shaken Up

From Elvis to Radiohead: The Music Industry Gets Shaken UpIn the 1950s and 60s, Elvis Presley burst onto the national music scene with his flamboyant leather outfits, perfectly-greased hair, undulating hips and equally undulating crooner voice. Presley, The Beatles, Motown artists, and scores of other up-and-coming singers and performers added a whole new element to their act: the visual element... 

Bret Michaels has Nothing to Lose with Miley Cyrus

Bret Michaels has Nothing to Lose with Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus, also known as her television persona Hannah Montana, has recently been featured singing a duet with Bret Michaels, the lead singer of Poison. Bret Michaels was also the focus of VH1's reality dating show "Rock of Love" and you'll see him on the upcoming third season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" with Donald Trump. Poison was ... 

Must See Movies of 2009

Must See Movies of 2009A lot of great movies came out in 2009, and whether you're into action, sci-fi, romance, adventure, drama, or vampires, there's definitely something for you on this list. 2009 was overall an excellent year for movies, not only for blockbusters like Avatar, but also for independent films like An Education that also made an impact. Here i... 
Study New Zealand

Auckland: Journeying through The City of Sails

Auckland: Journeying through The City of SailsSettled in 1350, Auckland is one of the world's most hospitable cities. Every year it is voted one of the most livable places in the world. Auckland is easily the largest city in New Zealand, home to 31% of the country's entire population. 

Jump Off a Mountain: New Zealand

Jump Off a Mountain: New ZealandRising high above the sea, New Zealand is unlike anywhere else. It's a small island nation, made up of two islands: the North Island and the South Island. New Zealand is about two-thirds the size of Japan but home to just 4.35 million people. It's a land of invention and creativity, a rugged country filled with life.  
Study Australia

Study Abroad in Australia: The Land Down Under

Study Abroad in Australia: The Land Down UnderAustralia is a relatively young country, but has been an inhabited island for 50,000 years. Discovered by Europeans 400 years ago and settled by Britain about 200 years later, Australia is a country fast on the rise. Today this island nation, the world's 6th largest country by area, is home to 20,000,000 people. Sydney is the most populat... 
Study UK

Study Abroad UK

Study Abroad UKIf you want to study English, why not go to the birthplace of the language? Historically, the UK (aka Britain) has been recognized all over the world as a center of culture and literature in the English language. However, it no wonder that Britain's current contributions in the arts, fashion, movies, sports, and education have really made... 
Study USA

The City of Hills and Wonder: A Journey into San Francisco

The City of Hills and Wonder: A Journey into San FranciscoLong a city for artists, dreamers, the young and the young at heart, San Francisco is a living emporium for all that the world has to offer. Whether you come from Japan, Turkey or Colombia, in San Francisco you'll never feel too far from home. Students from every background flock here to study and many often find that studying in San Fran... 

A Guide to Studying in the USA

A Guide to Studying in the USAIf you want to learn English, few places are better than the United States in terms of diversity, academic rigorousness, and culture. Home to over 309 million people from a wide variety of ethnicities, religions, and economic backgrounds, the U.S. is a perfect place to meet an assortment of interesting people and learn not only about Amer... 

Study English in the USA: An Easy Guide to Getting an F-1 Student Visa

Study English  in the USA: An Easy Guide to Getting an F-1 Student VisaStudying English as a full time student in a language school or college/university (minimum 18 hours per week of study) requires an F-1 student visa. Although applying for an F-1 student visa to study English in the United States might seem difficult, it can be made much easier with some careful planning and patience. 

Finding an Apartment in America

Finding an Apartment in AmericaWhen moving to a new city in a new country one of the most challenging things is finding a place to live. You're new to the culture, you may not know anyone and it either seems like there's too many choices or not enough. 

Around the World in 101 Days

Around the World in 101 DaysFor many people, a university education is not complete until you've studied in a foreign country. Each year, thousands of North Americans spread East, West, North and South. 

Vancouver: The Green City

Vancouver: The Green CityVancouver has long been seen as one of the best places to live in the world. It's clean and friendly, has great food and is situated in one of the most celebrated regions on earth, British Columbia. Many people come here to enjoy its snow and outdoor life, as the world witnessed during the 2010 Winter Olympics, which were held in and arou... 

Chrome Bags: No Nonsense?

Chrome Bags: No Nonsense?If you've been walking around San Francisco I'm sure you've seen plenty of them. Large messenger bags with distinctive red logo instantly catch your attention. When you start seeing it on every corner you can't help but wonder: 

How to Stay Fit in America Without the Gym

How to Stay Fit in America Without the GymAmerica has many affordable options and gym memberships for staying fit and exercising, but sometimes the cost is still too much. Here are some of the cheapest and easiest ways to exercise without going to a gym: 

American "Foreign 15": Why You Gain Weight in America and How to Prevent it

American Have you heard the stories of people who went to America for the summer and came back home with 15 or more extra pounds on them? Have you heard that most of American food is very un-healthy? Well, unfortunately, these are both true facts, but don't let this scare you from coming to the US! Here are some tips on how to stay healthy when you stay in America, and some facts about what is really in some typical American dishes. 

Getting Sick Overseas? 10 Ways To Prevention and Cure

Getting Sick Overseas? 10 Ways To Prevention and CureFresh fruit and vegetables are relatively inexpensive when bought in bulk, and it is very important that you eat them every day to prevent yourself from getting sick. You especially need the vitamins and fiber from fresh produce if you are busy with school or work and you go out with friends a lot. Make sure to wash your produce properly and eat it within a few days of purchasing it so that you get all of the nutrients from it. 

The Boyfriend Look

The Boyfriend LookThis season is all about the boyfriend look, which really means great boots and layers. Stick with the classic colors: black, white and navy, and layer a tweedy blazer over a chic sailor striped sweater and leather leggings. Finish off the look with heeled black suede boots and a chunky cable knit scarf.  

Turn Your Skateboarding Into Carpet Boarding

Turn Your Skateboarding Into Carpet BoardingCarpet boarding is typically used for practicing ollie tricks without having to worry about your skateboard shooting out from underneath you. Most people think that busting ollies while standing still is a lot harder than while rolling, but practicing like this can help your body learn how to do it. 

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